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Name : Subaru BRZ "2013".
Years : 2013.
Description car : The BRZ Subaru is the result of one of the most bizarre business venture in the automotive industry since Alfa Romeo and Nissan hooked up in the 1980s to produce Arna, a spectacular car combines the worst features of both: That reliability suspect Alfa Romeo and Nissan boring styling and handling careless. This time, though, everyone looks like a winner. Subaru got a great sports car that can not afford to build, and Toyota got a great sports car, for badged as a Scion here in the United States, that he could not find space to build.

Subaru BRZ "2013".
    Price :
     Pricing for 2013 Subaru BRZ is estimated at $ 25,000. But do not worry, this car has dwsign interior and exterior also has a sophisticated and trendy styles.
Interior Design.
Interior Car.
Interior Subaru BRZ "2013".
  On the inside the BRZ has a modern sports car interior including well placed controls and highly supportive and comfortable seats.  The gauges are easy to read and the climate settings are controlled by straightforward rotary knobs.  A large ‘start’ button is located on the center console.  The car will transport up to four people.  Thus, it combines fun driving with practical day-in day-out usefulness.

Exterior Design.
Exterior Subaru BRZ "2013".
   Keep your center of gravity as low as possible - always a good thing for a sports car, one of the BRZ basic design goals, and Subaru's engineers have made the best obvious advantage in this area flat-four engine. Compared with 2012 Impreza engine, the chassis further back BRZ boxer just sits on almost 4.8 inch and 8 inch. : Roughly knee height above the motor, and a pair of cylindrical holes in the rear center, front axle means that this is compatible with the center line.

Engine Subaru BRZ "2013".
   No official power rating details were provided; however, rumors abound that the normally aspirated engine is a 2.0-liter that will produce around 200 bhp. Delivering the power to the rear wheels is a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. Three drive settings are available to the BRZ driver: normal, sport and snow. In sport, the engine mapping quickens its response to throttle inputs, which are put to good use by the Torsen limited-slip differential when exiting turns. The chassis, with struts in front and a multilink rear, also does its part, displaying an impressive overall agility.

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