2013 Ford EcoSport sophisticated

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Name : 2013 Ford EcoSport.
Desription : 2013 Ford EcoSport is a car that will be the trend this year. Car makers hoping this will be the car of choice for some drivers worldwide. This car is in the interior and exterior design with the very latest. 2013 Ford EcoSport has made its first debut on the 2012 Auto Expo. This SUV car definitely will give fresh air for the buyers in the market. In the first photo, you will see the striking appearance of orange color. Let’s hope that the designers of this vehicle also apply the same quality in its interior. You may expect to get the spacious compartment since the car is perfectly upholstered with better control system and effective steering wheel position.
Price 2013 Ford EcoSport
The first edition of this 2013 Ford EcoSport is going to be manufactured in Camacari, Brazil. This new SUV car seems to gain much attention from the enthusiasts in the market. We really hope that it can repeat the success in Mexico as well as South America like the previous model. The base price of this car has not been announced by the car makers. We may estimate that it comes not more than $22,000.
Interior design of 2013 Ford EcoSport
The interior in this car 2013 Ford EcoSport so is quality. With this excellent quality, these auto makers hope that the driver can comfortably while driving.

Exterior 2013 Ford EcoSport
Exterior 2013 Ford EcoSport
The exterior of Ford EcoSport is designed in contemporary style. It gives the buyers the feeling of confidence and modification. You may expect to get some exceptional features from this SUV edition car such as the swing gate located on the rear side, command driving position, and spare wheel. This vehicle looks robust and tough in design. Even though the dimension of this car looks wider and larger, it will never lose its practicality as well as nimbleness that you can see on a compact vehicle. It is reflected by the presence of the integrated body and high ground clearance.
Engine 2013 Ford EcoSport
2013 Ford EcoSport is equipped with 1.0-liter EcoBoost of three-cylinder engine. It is supported with turbocharging as well as direct injection system. You may except to ride it with the highest power production of 118 hp. The peak torque is able to reach the level of 169 Nm.

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jacob jones said...

The modern age SUV's are getting shorter in size and becoming more luxurious with lots of work done on their aerodynamic body like this all new Ford Ecosport which is a counter of Renault Duster.

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Jean Lou Laborte said...

Great blog in professional detailing.. Thanks for posting!

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