Nissan PIVO 3 "2011" | Review in-ex.

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Name : Nissan Pivo 3.
Years : 2011.
Description Cars. : PIVO 3 merupakan kendara'an Masa depan Yang memiliki 3 kursi di bawah DENGAN Panjang 3 meter. DENGAN SISTEM roda Belakang Yang unik murah SISTEM IWM (di roda motor) cara membuat PIVO ​​3 Bisa cara membuat putaran U (U-turn) di Jalan Yang Hanya 4 meter lebarnya. Roda belakangnya berputar seperti halnya Bisa roda depan. Nissan Akan memamerkan mobil unik ini di Tokyo Motor Show bulan Desember 2011 PADA nanti.

   In the mat Tokyo motor show in December 2011, a number of car manufacturers the world, especially from Japan, will be racing skill performance through a number of new models and concept cars, one of which is Nissan's this pivo. In this car in introducing the concept of micro-powered electric generation from PIVO ​​model, which is named after PIVO ​​3. From its shape, PIVO ​​3 is closer to a conventional electric cars to enter the production line rather than its two other types, PIVO ​​PIVO ​​of 2005 and 2 of 2007. And if nothing gets in the way, possible models of this concept could enter production line in 2016.

  Interior :
  PIVO 3 offers a new driving sensation. How to drive this car like a Formula 1 car spur, which is steering in the middle. The advantage of the driving position in the center is to improve the visibility and the driver's position in the middle, then the seating configuration PIVO ​​3 is 1 and 2.

  Nissan Around View Monitor-based cameras to replace the mirror and is also equipped with Auto Valet Parking. A new automated parking system, works wirelessly with parking spaces are installed with special infrastructure in the search space, car parking, and then remember where the parking lot. It also starts charging automatically after coming to a stop concept. 

  Exterior styling with thick, smooth surface and a new attitude. 3-seater compact body in 3-meter-long, narrow-tread rear tires and IWM (in wheel motors) with wide steering angles allow Nissan PIVO 3 Make a U-turn in the road is only four meters wide. The 3 highly maneuverable Nissan PIVO turn has a gap of zero, so that if the front wheels can make a bend, the rear wheels will follow without scraping sides of the body. 

  Near future realization of mobility was not only connect the car and driver, but also connect the car to the community with sustainable energy. Nissan electric car concept provides insight into the eighth Japanese car urban driving vision of the future. A pair of in-wheel motors Pivo 3 affords a very small turning circle, enabling it to complete the 4-meter turn.

  Engine :
  Like the previous PIVO 1 and PIVO 2, PIVO 3 uses electric power and by-wire control technology to permit freedom of layout and the downsizing or elimination of many mechanical parts. Again, similar to PIVO 2, PIVO 3 uses in-wheel motors (IWM) to give wheels great freedom of movement, and more space in the vehicle chassis. Moreover, PIVO 3 balances the advantages of IWM with user friendliness by keeping wheel rotation within a range that will maintain a natural steering feel for the typical driver.

Automotive : 

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