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Name : Honda Civic EU-Version
Years : 2012.
Description cars : 2012 Honda Civic for sale in Europe early next year, the new 2012 Honda Civic EU version will be offered with three engine options, namely: 1.4 l petrol units, units of 1.8 l petrol and 2.2 diesel units. All engines are combined with 6-speed manual gearbox, ECO Assist, advanced control technology and fuel Idle Stop. also equipped with Hill Start Assist. 1.8 engine can be paired with 5-speed automatic transmission specially designed.

   The Civic team led by Mitsuru Kariya, the 'Large Project Leader', were given the task to create and develop the new Honda Civic. With the current Civic being known for its unique exterior styling and interior practicality within the C segment in Europe, Mitsuru Kariya and his team were keen to further understand the needs and desires of the European customers. The current Civic became the benchmark focus for their research to create a car that was even better. 

    Honda Civic Uni Eropa Version will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Almost all of the components that exist on the new 2012 Honda Civic bodies EU-version has been redesigned with a special focus on travel and handling, to reduce CO2 emissions, design and quality interior, while retaining the class-leading cabin, boot space and practicality.

   Interior :
   The designers of the new 2012 Honda Civic-The European Union wants to keep the version of character elements and sporty car, adjusting to communicate the new model feels more dynamic. This concept is a clear break in a new direction, rather than relying on the strength and power to provide a sporty image, "mixed body" by reducing the resistance showed more savvy to the new Honda Civic EU-Version. Honda Civic is currently known for its unique interior design and futuristic sporty exterior styling, but also with a vast and versatile interior. Core characteristics of this design is to be maintained in the development of the new Civic, but with a focus to improve the feel of the car. Source of inspiration comes from the layout of the cockpit control panel and a fighter jet cockpit racing car that allow natural and intuitive operation of all controls. Feeling of sitting in the driver's seat with the driver's focus reflects the space comfortable feeling of relaxation and control. The feeling is a car designed around the driver - the final expression of Honda's principle of 'man maximum, machine minimum'.

  Exterior : 
  Two new wheel designs are available – a 16-inch ‘Sporty’ design and a bold 17-inch ‘Dynamic’ option. The overall exterior styling is a perfect example of design working hand-in-hand with engineering – the aerodynamics of every component have been optimised alongside the bold forms and feature lines that the designers wanted. The central fuel tank layout has been retained, allowing for more space in the cabin, and the current Civic’s much-loved ease of use and roomy interior remain uncompromised. 

  The new Civic will be offered with three engine options: a 1.4 l i-VTEC petrol unit, a 1.8 l i-VTEC petrol unit and a 2.2 l i-DTEC diesel unit. All the engines are combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, ECO Assist, and Idle Stop. They are also equipped with Hill Start Assist. The1.8 l engine can be paired with a specially designed 5-speed automatic transmission. While enhancing the performance, the 2.2 l i-DTEC unit achieved nearly 20% better fuel economy and the 1.8 i-VTEC 10% in comparison with their predecessors. The chief goal in the engine and transmission development was to maintain the high performance driving experience whilst improving the overall efficiency of the engine resulting in lower running costs.

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