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Name : Skoda Citigo.
Years : 2013.
Description cars : Skoda cars in 2013 will Citigo pasakan in Czech domestic market by the end of 2011 this will then be followed by other European countries in early summer 2012. With an attractive model, the designers did an amazing job in all parts of this car. With a width of 1.65 meters, 1.48 meters, 3.56 meters, Skoda Citigo 2013 is one of the smallest vehicle in its segment, or type it. Compartment in the trunk, covering 251 liters of volume. This can be extended to 951 liters by folding down the rear seat. But still very lively, and interesting in terms of speed and technology used.

   This car is one of the pillars of its growth strategy continues offensive Skoda is introducing its newest product line of seven models. With Citigo Skoda, at 3.56m long, Mlada Boleslav car segment into A00. Skoda Citigo offers maximum utilization of space and seats for four passengers. Skoda Citigo will be launched as a three door, five-door version to come in 2012.

       Interior :
     This car provides comfort for its users. With the three-door version, the system "easy entry" provides easy access to rear seats. The main passenger seat can be moved and bent to ensure quick access to the back seat, so it can be quick to move in condition keada'an car is running.

   This car is thinking about the safety of its users. First time in a Skoda car, designers use airbags, head-chest for the protection of user's head and front passenger. In addition, the 2013 Skoda Citigo system is a component of a security package is impressive. In addition, security is also enhanced with Drive City "Safe", a new brake assist system with a different laser sensors, which are automatically activated at speeds below 30 km / hour to find out the danger of collision. Depending on the speed and traffic situations, will be done automatically braking to avoid collision or at least reduce the velocity. Along with the Volkswagen Up, Skoda Citigo 2013 Now is the only real cars to provide emergency braking function.

   Exterior :
   The new Skoda Citigo offers maximum utilisation of space and seats for four passengers. The Skoda Citigo will be launched as a three-door, with a five-door version to come in 2012. The new Citigo have key target groups are young drivers, young families looking to get themselves a second or even third car, and also “best agers.”

   Engine :
   Engine the new Skoda Citigo powered by three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engines, have a volume of 1.0 litre and their power outputs are 44 kW/60 HP and 55 kW/75 HP. In the economical Green Tec version average consumption is 4.2l/100km and 4.3l/100km respectively. Emissions are 97g and 99g CO2/km respectively. Fuel consumption and emissions are 4.5l/100km and 105g CO2 per km for the 44kW engine. The engine Skoda Citigo with a power output of 55kW consumes 4.7l/100km and emits 108g of CO2 per km.

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