2012 Alfa Romeo Mito Review price, for sale, interior, engine.

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2012 Alfa Romeo Mito Review price, for sale, interior, engine.

Alfa Mito 2012.

2012 Alfa Mito is The long-awaited substitute for the diminutive 147 was unleashed in late 2009, and has much of the current Alfa stable’s quirks and features. There is no mistaking the styling, with a tight, sharp silhouette and interior reminiscent of an aeroplane cockpit – the private jet kind. 

Alfa Mito 2012 (Click to Zoom)

Price of Alfa Mito.

For the price, we do not know what the price of this car, if you want to know, you can read it here.

Interior of Alfa Mito (Click to Zoom)

Interior of Alfa Mito 2012.

For the Interior of Alfa Mito 2012, The three-door-five seat hatch is deceptively roomy inside; for the front row at least. But this is typical of a three-door hatch, and the MiTo is on par with its competition as far as the second-row goes. The styling and sloping roof sacrifice some rear headroom, and the rear seats are typically awkward to access for the taller adult. In the front, however, the trim is lavish. Sporty dials are set in a carbon-fibre fascia, and the little DNA button by the shifter to change the car into different modes (see On The Road). The stereo has steering wheel buttons, Bluetooth and iPod, and automatic speed/volume adjustment, while auto rain-sensing wipers, auto headlights, and cruise control remove the need to really do anything. Or want for anything - leather seats and trimming is the only option on the Sport spec, and may make up for the cloth-trimmed test car’s total lack of side bolstering, which is most noticeable around the bends. Safety is commendable, with seven airbags (including a driver’s knee ‘bag), ABS, EBD, BA, and traction/stability control, and reverse parking sensors as standard.

Alfa mito 2012 (Click to Zoom)

Engine of Alfa Mito 2012.

Engine of Alfa Mito 2012 The distinctive Alfa test car arrived as a Volvo XC60 was being returned. I felt the latter had too many safety gadgets and gizmos, which were temperamental and hampered my driving pleasure. In contrast the sprightly Alfa has just the right amount of equipment and was easier simply to get in and drive – which is generally what I want from a car. Like any Alfa, it’s the driving experience that sets it apart. Despite its small 1.4-litre petrol engine it’s a good driver’s car that packs a reasonable 105bhp punch whilst still returning over 40mpg.  The engine is fitted with an automatic start/stop function – I’m still to be convinced if this does actually save fuel but I suppose it helps the environment by cutting emissions. I found that long traffic jams can result in the engine frequently cutting out only to restart with the fuel gauge dropping faster than if this facility isn’t used. source://http://www.carshowroom.com.au, http://magazine.utvdrive.co.uk.

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