2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine

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2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire.

Now, inex-cars.blogspot.com  will give you latest information about the Suzuki Swift Dzire Review, Suzuki Swift Dzire Price, Interior, Exterior, and Engine. 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire is one brand new car from Suzuki that was released in 2013. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire.

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire
Now2013 Suzuki Swift DZire or known as sedan version of Swift will release on February 1 in India. This car underwent some changes in terms of looks and the addition of new features. New look on the front fascia there is no difference with the Suzuki Swift. Only the stern section is made longer than the previous version.

The DZire is apparently already on sale in Oman and Saudi Arabia, although supplies could tighten up since labour unrest at the Maruti Suzuki factory led to a complete shutdown and has entered its second week. Some say it could last a month, set off by a riot at the factory last week that killed one manager, injured scores more and landed more than 90 people in jail.

Maher Al Nabawi, Deputy General Manager of Suzuki Saudia, said: “The Saudi automotive market is very promising, with demand on a constant upswing. We intend to capitalize on positive market conditions by introducing the all new 2013 Suzuki Swift DZire right after the month of Ramadan. We believe that the market response to our new vehicle will exceed our expectations, given how the Swift DZire is poised to corner around 50 per cent of car sales in India. We are confident that this success story will be replicated in Saudi Arabia. The Swift DZire will soon be arriving at our showrooms to meet the needs of the Saudi market.”

The product of a Suzuki joint venture in India (which is by itself the largest automaker on the subcontinent), the Swift Dzire is the new sedan version of the nimble little hatchback available in overseas markets. And while the previous generation version appeared to have added a trunk as an appendage off the back of a Swift, the new version looks like it just lost the upper part of the hatch for what looks like the smallest trunk this side of a newborn elephant. (Cue the ballpark organ music.)

The Suzuki Swift began as a marketing and manufacturing rebadge of the Suzuki Cultus, a supermini (or subcompact) manufactured and marketed worldwide across three generations and four body configurations three door hatchback, four door sedan, five door hatchback and two door convertible and using the Suzuki G engine family. The Swift was marketed in the Japanese domestic market (JDM) as the Cultus and elsewhere as the Suzuki Forsa, Suzuki Jazz, Chevrolet Swift, Chevrolet Sprint and Sprint Metro, Geo and Chevrolet Metro, Pontiac Firefly, Maruti 1000, Holden Barina and Subaru Justy. Versions of the second generation Cultus were also produced until 2007 in India and the car remains in production today in Pakistan.

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Price

Price of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire.

For the price of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire, we do not get accurate information. If you want to know the price of Suzuki Swift Dzire, follow the development of our website. We will provide information about the price of this car as soon as possible to you loyal readers of our website.

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Interior
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Interior
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Interior
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Interior

Interior of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire.

For the Interior of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire, comes in GL, GLX & GLX SPL variants, all with power steering, dual airbags, ABS with EBD and a CD/MP3 player as standard, while options include full power features, keyless entry system, alloy wheels, fog lamps, USB port and automatic climate control. 

Its suspensions the front integrating a MacPherson strut with coil spring and the rear featuring a torsion beam with coil spring provide higher mounting rigidity and confident stability. This results in a more enjoyable and steady drive. Moreover, the new 15 inch ventilated front disc and the rear drum brakes along with a Brake Assist System (BAS) provide greater braking efficiency even in emergency situations. Additionally, the “Swift Dzire” sedan also maintains dual airbags, an ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System), fog lamps, a CD player with an mp3 player as well as a USB outlet, with remote control. And finally the vehicle is portrayed with alloy wheels, signal lights and a power package.

The 2013 Suzuki Swift DZire is perfect for small and medium sized families, young drivers, and sedan enthusiasts who want a small mid sized vehicle that can deliver high standards of performance, safety, luxury, and durability. Drivers will definitely enjoy its workhorse capabilities and how it deftly handles on the roads,” concluded Al Nabawai.

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Exterior
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Exterior
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Exterior
2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Exterior

Exterior of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire.

Saudi automotive companies typically augment their market share by driving up competitiveness in genuine spare parts, providing superb after sales services and introducing new vehicles for different audiences whether individuals or companies. With this in mind, Suzuki Saudia, the sole distributor of Suzuki vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and part of the Bamarouf Group, has decided to introduce the new 2013 Suzuki Swift DZire sedan. 

Swift DZire is a result of an indigenous project started in 2005 to design a three box notchback version of the Swift hatchback. Some changes have been made to the car’s overall styling to seamlessly integrate the boot. The wheelbase remains the same. The car weighs about 30–35 kilograms (66–77 lb) more than the hatchback. Few modifications in the rear suspension have been done to cope with the additional weight of the boot and improve the ride quality for the rear passengers. Adjustments in the rear seat inclination have been made to improve the rear seat comfort and legroom. In February 2012, Maruti launched the new Swift Dzire, which is based on the third generation Swift. Unlike the previous generation, it is a compact sedan under 4000 mm.

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Engine
Engine of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire

Engine Specifications of 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire.

Essentially an unattractive sedan version of the attractive Swift hatchback, the dealer is already being honest and pitching it more as a fleet car for rental agencies and companies. The Indian built car comes standard with a “K12? engine, a 94 hp 1.2 litre 4 cylinder with 113 Nm of torque and a choice of a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic. 

Predicted, will be mounted on the front bonnet are two engine options. First, the K-Series petrol engine 1.2 liter is capable of producing power 87 hp at 6,000 rpm and 114 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Claimed fuel consumption of 19.1 km / liter. Second, DDiS diesel engine powered 1.3 liter 75 hp at 4,000 rpm with torque of 190 Nm at 2000 rpm. Consumption of balakaarnya claimed 23.4 km / liter. Both engines are mated to a 5 speed manual transmission and 4 speed automatic with standard features ABS brakes.
The plug-in car is powered by a 55 kW, 180 N·m AC synchronous motor and a 2.66 kWh Li-ion battery pack. Average fuel consumption, calculated by combining fuel consumption during operation on electric power from grid charge and fuel consumption during hybrid operation after depletion of the battery pack is 37.6 km/L on the JC08 cycle (88.4 mpg US, or 2.7 L/100 km). Grid charge time for the battery is approximately 1.5 hours @ 100V and 1h at 200V.

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