2013 Ford Explorer review hybrid | exterior colors-limited-ecoboost v6

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2013 Ford Explorer review hybrid | sport-colors-limited-ecoboost v6

2013 Ford Explorer.

2013 Ford Explorer is the latest release of ford cars. This car will will receive a minor refresh. Expect to see the outside appearance updated and a possibility of the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 3.5L being an option. If it Happens, the Addition of this engine will address the complaint of the Explorer being on the slow side. Offered the other motors should see modest gains power. The interior should REMAIN about the same with only a few changes. That one change would be welcomed is the simplification of the controls and touchscreen.

2013 Ford Explorer review price.

Price of Ford Explorer.

Price of 2013 Ford Explorer.
Price of 2013 Ford Explorer (Click to Zoom)

Interior of 2013 Ford Explorer.
Interior of 2013 Ford Explorer.
Interior of 2013 Ford Explorer.
Interior of 2013 Ford Explorer.

Interior of 2013 Ford Explorer.

Interior of Ford Explorer is complite. How about outstanding second-row legroom, at nearly 40 inches, and good third-row space at 33.2 inches ? Two 12-year-olds will be happy in the third row, with that legroom to squirm in and their own cupholders and bins. Because the rear doors swing wide and open easily, and because the second-row seat flips forward in a heartbeat, reaching the rear row is an easy climb, even for adults. 

Gallery photo's 2013 Ford Explorer.

2013 Ford Explorer.

2013 Ford Explorer.

2013 Ford Explorer.

2013 Ford Explorer.

2013 Ford Explorer.

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Erwin Calverley said...
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Erwin Calverley said...

Superb! Already a well-established popular SUV, but still, Ford has done a great job in modifying this model especially in not making it look fancy on the exterior changes and even improving it. Compared to the older ones, this one has been equipped with an engine that has better horse power, which has been the models issue over the past few modifications. When it comes to safety, well Ford has been known for their reputation of making cars that has less possibility of injuries during accidents.


Junior Perrera said...

The recent modifications made on the Ford Explorer made it look almost as big as the Ford Expedition. I think that this will generally attract more buyers because compared to the older releases, this has a well-synchronized design. Expect to see this in the market for a long time.

Junior Perrera

Ernest Houston said...

It’s a good thing you noticed that Junior. I also noticed that with this revamped model, and honestly, it looks a lot better! The three dark metal colored lines in front where the Ford logo is, makes the front manlier and bigger as well. And notice the Mag wheels that Ford gave as a bonus to the design? Awesome, isn’t it?

Ernest Houston

Timmy Radloff said...

My aunt just bought an Explorer a few months ago, and I must say the ride was rather cool, fast, and quiet. It is GPS ready, but it was confusing to press. It also has Bluetooth technology. It is also a 7 seater, well 5 if you don't lay out the back seats.

Timmy Radloff

Nicole said...

Absolutely magnifique! The new 2013 Ford Explorer is a fun-to-drive vehicle. What’s more it has enough space for your kids, your dog, and some picnic baskets. It’s one handsome beast! And you don’t sacrifice performance for anything too because the base model has a 3.5 liter engine capable of producing 290 horsepower, which are pretty impressive numbers.

Nicole Vickers

lalit kumar said...
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Robin Williams said...

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Jean Lou Laborte said...

Such a great blog with so much important info on professional detailing tips.. Thanks for posting!

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