Holden Volt vs. "2011" | Review in-ex.

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Name : Holden Volt.
Years : 2011.
Description : GM Holden has released the first images of the highly anticipated Holden Volt extended range electric vehicle as it will appear on Australian roads. The images, which show a right-hand-drive version of Volt sporting Holden badges on its aerodynamic front and rear, were released as part of Holden's presentation at the Melbourne International Motor Show. It is a local take on the vehicle that has won widespread acclaim for its ability to travel up to 64 kilometres on electricity before using petrol or producing exhaust pipe emissions.
Pic. steering wheel !
 Pic. Interior Car !
  Interior :
Inside, Cruze boasts one of the most advanced interiors of any small car on the market offering exceptional quality and functionality, while delivering sportiness and luxurious comfort. Stylish and spacious, the Cruze interior offers exceptional fit and finish and comfort with contoured sport seats and a dual cockpit design which houses an advanced integrated centre panel with graphic information display and CD with MP3 “plug and play” functionality.An integrated centre stack houses the infotainment display, radio and HVAC controls resulting in a fresh and contemporary look. With generous rear passenger leg, head and shoulder room this small car comfortably sits five adults, and when combined with one of the largest range of standard features from the base model customers do not need to compromise on large car features.Storage, functionality and convenience applications found on the new Cruze are plentiful with 60/40 split rear seats, seatback pockets, a centre console CD storage, a shopping bag hook and six cup holders.
 Pic. Exterior !
 Holden volt 2011
Exterior :
  With a wide track, long wheelbase and its wheels located at the outer edges of its body, the Holden Cruze sedan’s ‘four-door coupe’ styling delivers the presence of an upscale mid-size sedan. State of the art manufacturing processes ensures gaps are minimised and margins in the exterior design deliver high levels of quality, fit and finish.Cruze has been designed to appeal to drivers who value sophisticated design combined with sporty good looks.
Engine :
  It has a 1.4-litre petrol engine that acts purely as a generator to charge the T-shaped batteries that run down the centre of the car and under the rear seat. It allows regular use for extended distances (there are some modes when the batteries are flat where the engine will provide some drive to the wheels for increased efficiency) and getting rid of "range anxiety" where drivers carefully study charge gauges of EVs to ensure they won't get stranded. How much fuel each uses is a moot point - with the Volt it depends on how it's used and for how long. The Prius uses an average of 3.9 litres per 100km according to the government test (in regular driving they use more) while the Volt uses no fuel for short trips. Once the batteries have been depleted the Volt uses about 5.9L/100km (40 miles per gallon) running on petrol during freeway driving compared with the Prius' US claim of about 4.9L/100km (48mpg).

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