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Name : Dacia SHIFT Concept.
Years : 2012.
Description cars : Dacia SHIFT Concept is an innovative new design concept, created by an independent designer, a young Romanian – Liviu Tudoran. As has been said that the designer that the Dacia SHIFT Concept is the perfect tool to wander through the crowded streets of 2012.Dacia SHIFT Concept carries indices Duster concept design and space for two passengers is a two-seater electric car. SHIFT Dacia concept is as follows: the lines of the new identity of the Dacia brand, and will be powered by lithium ion batteries. However, it also can be adapted to hydrogen fuel cells.

   Interior :
  Our friends at Automarket gave us the heads up on a new concept. Liviu Tudoran, a young Romanian designer, has imagined a new concept for the Renault Dacia brand - the SHIFT Concept. Tudoran sees the Dacia SHIFT Concept roaming the crowded streets of 2012 and offering space for two passengers and an electric motor. The Dacia SHIFT Concept is an electric two-seater that addresses itself to youngsters that want to own their first car. The Dacia SHIFT Concept will be the perfect vehicle for crowded streets, where traffic jams occupy most of your daily commute. The Dacia SHIFT Concept wears the design cues of the Duster concept and follows the lines of the new identity of the Dacia brand. The Dacia SHIFT Concept will be powered with the help of lithium-ion batteries and can also accommodate hydrogen fuel cells.  Although the Dacia SHIFT is an independent endeavor, it's innovative design might grab the attention of the company. 
  Exterior :
  Not the one to be left behind in the hydrogen race, Dacia, the Romanian car manufacturer, has come out with Liviu Tudoran designed Dacia Shift Concept. Apart from its hunky, sporty and aggressive looks, this concept is powered by hydrogen and this in turn powers the lithium ion batteries. The most eye catching feature of the car is the extended windscreen that adds to the chic factor of the concept
   The future is always a fun place to go to, that is if you have a very creative mind, an above average talent in designing, and of course, a taste in cars. Young designer, Liviu Tudoran, has all three qualities in abundance, and he proudly showed it off with a concept design for the sports car of the future – in Bucharest. Calling it the Dacia SHIFT Concept, the futuristic-looking two-seater is powered by lithium-ion batteries with the electric engine located at the car’s front while the hydrogen storage tanks are situated right beside the concept’s rear wheels. Aesthetically speaking, the SHIFT Concept was inspired by the local automakers, Dacia, proving that Tudoran’s inspiration has some local flavor going for it. At the same time, Tudoran also used a number of architecture buildings as a model for the design of the SHIFT Concept. Check out Tudoran’s futuristic design interpretation of the SHIFT Concept, a car that – in the designer’s mind, at least - could roam the streets of Bucharest in the near future.

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