Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider "2011" | Review in-ex.

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Name : Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
Years : 2011.
Description : In this world, there might be only three countries that fully dominate the market of the super luxury car. United States, England and Italia. The quality design, the monstrous engine and splendid interior are the main formulas to achieve the succeed in the competition. Specially for Italia. Beside the mode and fashion center of the world, it has given birth to many famous super car manufacturers, not only on the city road, but also in the high class racing competitions. One of the best super cars produced by Italia is Alfa Romeo, from Novitec Tridente car manufacturer.

 Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider pic !

  The use of an Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, Novitec Rosso has the fastest and most powerful Alfa Romeo even more reason to fear, thanks to a new compressor and a stainless steel exhaust system, the output from the Italian super sports car bearing 450 HP holds up to 600 PS. See also, 2011 Tesla Roadster and 2011 Suzuki SX4 SportBack.

Interior Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
Interior :
  At the request of customers’ personal NOVITEC also Alfa Romeo 8C Spider cockpit with the promise of exclusive leather and Alcantara best in any color desired. While the body remains untouched 8C Spider, NOVITEC add some highlights with breathtaking views of the two seats with three-piece wheels NA3.

  The Alfa Romeo is about to close the latest chapter in the history of one of the most iconic names in the car industry, with the latest generation of Alfa Romeo, 8C Spider, coming to an end of its production life. Many interior features offered by 8C Spider.
•    The Sparco racing seats covered with Pione Fiore sport leather.
•    Bluetooth telephone connection system.
•    Electrically and adjustable and heated front seats.
•    Chrome roll bars.
•    Automatic dual-zone climate control.
•    Electric folding roof.
•    A multi function and trip computer.
•    Bose audio system with 6-speaker stereo radio with CD player.

 Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider exterior
 Exterior pic !
 Exterior :
   Alloy wheels feature five double finger and is available in the desired color. In size and 11.5Jx22 9Jx21 they fill the available space in the wheel well perfectly. High-performance tires that fit provided by a Formula 1 supplier Pirelli in sizes 255/30 ZR 21 and 315/25 ZR 22.

   The latest generation of Alfa Romeo comes with a very unique spider theme. The design of 8C supports perfectly for the insane 600 hp of speed. The steel unibody is composed along with carbon-fiber in the entire of the bodywork. The underbody was formed within the wind tunnel to scale back carry at the high speed. A high-threshold stability management system is on the list also, operating with the double-wishbone suspension to keep the car on the road while “flying”. The overall body design of 2011 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider remains partly untouched from the previous generation, 2010 8C, but Novitec added some highlights with breathtaking views of the two seats with three-piece wheels NA3. To further emphasize the design of wedge-shape 8C, the experts chose a combination of staggered with a diameter of 21 inches front wheels tires and 22 inches rear wheels. High-performance tires that fit is provided by a Formula-1 supplier Pirelli in sizes 255/30 ZR 21 and 315/25 ZR 22.
Engine Novitec Alfa Romeo 8C Spider.
Engine :
   As evidence, the power output of the 8C Spider jumps to 600 hp / 441 kW and top speed according 8C Spider grows to 305 km / hour. Figures are based on an impressive performance: Conversion compressor, whose price in EURO 19,900, increasing the power output of the V8 / 450-hp stock 331-kW to 150 hp / 110 kW. Maximum power output rated 600 hp / 441 kW at 7300 rpm available. Peak torque jumped to 588 Nm at 5400 rpm. This allows Spider 8C to sprint from 0-100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds. Standard top speed increased from 290 km / h to 305 km / hour. Novitec has configured the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider to make it the most powerful and fastest street-legal all-time Alfa Romeo.
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