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Name : SSC Tuatara.
Years : 2012.
Description cars : Shelby made ​​the latest breakthrough from the field of car design, Shelby SSC issued a tuatara 2012. SSC 2012 tuatara is a super advanced car with aerodynamic design and is supported by the latest mesih. SSC was surprised at how quickly the Ultimate Aero reached 200 MPH, but more importantly, the team has now determined what they felt was the perfect gear ratio for the new 7-speed transmission tuatara.

    This car is sold at a fantastic price of $ 2.4 million, double the price of the Aero II for $ 970,000.
   Interior in this car will be no room with all the necessary comforts such as seat belts and aircon. We will not be fixated on a massage chair as before. Judging from its older models, the interior may be quite sloppy, the interior of his new car should be better and get the basics right.

 Ecterior SSC Tuatara "2012".
   The front looks intimidating or dominant and directional with low body and light carbon fiber. Look closely, you'll see a vent for carbon brakes and front splitter produces downforce cohesive enough to keep the nose on his speed. Low niche with air intake in front of the rear wheel arches and a much-needed cooling radiator cold air, while doing little to balance the look. It checks all the boxes hypercar and then some. No hood or trunk space, or some sort of compromise with this car. Side profile sleek and sexy - there are no door handles or side repeaters and the car was almost standing on top of one meter. The first element is the Aero is maintained, especially doors and simple piece of party-spoked wheel design.

    Engine :
    The engine, like all the other mechanical parts, are all developed in-house by SSC themselves. The new powerplant shares a lot with the old 6.2 liter item – the block and its innards are the same design, so are the dimensions and location of its 10 radiators. The new setup is good for a colossal 1350HP and will rev to 9000RPM! Zero to 62mph will arrive in around 2.8 seconds and SSC claims a top speed of, wait for it, 275mph! The in gear acceleration figures are not known as of yet, but you can be sure they will be absolutely mind blowing. Changes come in the form of a four-valves-per-cylinder overhead cam (OHC) setup as opposed to push rods and new SSC spec turbochargers.
    Suspension remains as the same coilover setup and so does the triple plate carbon clutch. Whether it’s as good at going round corners as it is in a straight line still remains to be seen. One thing is for certain though, it will set your trousers on fire every time you use the pedal on the right.

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