BMW Active Hybrid X6 New Edition | Review Car.

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BMW Active Hybrid X6 New Edition | Review Car.
Name : BMW Active Hybrid X6.
Description Cars : This time, BMW issued a new car, the BMW X6 Active Hybrid. This car is designed with a sporty and trendy style. BMW X6 Active Hybrid visual design is based on the X5, which has a dramatic roof line sloping downward, raising the profile timeless classic fastback coupe. X6 provides a typical and aerodynamic finesse, which is shown by its exterior. Equipped with 20-inch wheels are made of lightweight metal alloys, car and styling that has been streamlined in order to minimize air resistance and fuel consumption is lower. Other features include easy access to the system that recognizes the car keys from the driver that allows the handle of the car door is opened after the driver comes in, contact with it. Lighting around the handles will remain lit for 20 seconds, allowing safe entry to the vehicle.
Price BMW Active Hybrid X6.
 The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 always provides a unique driving experience that is completed with many hi-tech items surrounding the car, plus a great V8 engine for this midsize car. The X6 price starts from $ 60.000 for the base model.
Inteior Design BMW Active Hybrid X6 New Edition | Review Car.
BMW Active Hybrid X6 New Edition | Review Car.
  The BMW Active Hybrid X6, a four-door SUV that is one of the BMW’s recent model, has been introduced to the world. Based on the design of its previous generation, X5, the X6 has improved the in and out appearance and the engine. The exclusive ambience of the interior is further enhanced with the BMW individual headliner in Anthracite, the fine wood trim in dark bamboo grain, plus black floor mats with oysters-colored edging. The X6’s interior boasts comfortable seats, an excellent driving position, and high quality materials. The front sport seats are upholstered in Nevada Leather Oysters with black contrasting seams, adding a unique appeal to the interior. The front seats have additional capabilities to regulate settings for seat height, angle and back rest angle. Lumber facility is also there to give the greatest comfort and reduce strain on the back muscle. In the cockpit, the dashboard accommodates the BMW iDrive navigational system, without adding an extra hump in the center, as many BMW dashboards do. We can control the climate ourselves inside the X6, using a four-zone automatic climate control system that adjusts to the cold of winter to the heat of summer. The vents can be set to control the temperature inside the entire interior and circulate the air in a draft free environment or passengers in the backseat can separately control the climate.

Exterior BMW Active Hybrid X6
Exterior Design BMW Active Hybrid X6
Dimensions Exterior :
•    Length : 192.1 inch
•    Width : 78.1 inch
•    Height : 66.5 inch
•    Fuel tank capacity : 22.5 gal.
•    Wheels and tires : 19 inch  front and rear wheels and P255/50R19 both tires.

Engine BMW Active Hybrid X6
Engine Design BMW Active Hybrid X6
   The BMW Active Hybrid X6 Engine that empowers the X6 is a turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 with two twin scroll turbochargers that produce a maximum of 555 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. It can accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Two electric motors are concealed to the six-speed automatic transmission and provide the needed torque to achieve additional acceleration. They can also serve as generators to convert movement into electrical energy at 84 hp or charge the battery. The X6 provides all-wheel drive and superior handling of the road. With the assisted of BMW’s unique ConnectedDrive technology which gives the driver intelligence and information to assist optimum driving.

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