New Release 2014 Toyota Corolla

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2014 Toyota Corolla
2014 Toyota Corolla
2014 Toyota Corolla.
After officially introduced a few weeks ago, the latest generation of Toyota Corolla seemingly will soon enter the world automotive market. Because the first unit of the latest generation of the Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla 2014 has been successfully produced in Turkey. It is as it has been reported by Inautonews, Thursday (04/07/2013).

The first product is the 11th generation of the Toyota Corolla series is finished in white and has been inaugurated by the Turkish government as well as Japan. Going forward, the result of a 2014 Toyota Corolla production facilities are located in the city of Sakarya Arifiye, Turkey will be marketed in the European region, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

2014 Toyota Corolla - Toyota
2014 Toyota Corolla
The success of Toyota's Corolla production in Turkey in 2014 is not out of the 150 million euro investment by Toyota in the Sakarya facility which absorb around 900 workers. Peak capacity of the facility is planned to be achieved in 2014 with a total production of 150,000 units.

2014 Toyota Corolla
2014 Toyota Corolla Interior
2014 Toyota Corolla Seat
2014 Toyota Corolla Seat

2014 Toyota Corolla sedan version has a few models. Corolla with a 1.8 liter engine that powered 132 HP (98 kW). While the Eco LE models with 1.8 liter engine power 140 HP (104 kW). New Corolla dimensionless length 4,639 mm, width 1,776 mm and height 1,455 mm. This dimension longer than the previous Corolla, which Toyota does want a more spacious cabin for New Corolla.

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