Dodge Viper "2013" | Review ine-ex.

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Name : Dodge Viper.
Years : 2013.
Descriptoin cars. : Dodge Viper has been on the road since it was first introduced in 1992, and this car has become a living legend in the automotive industry today. Dodge Viper is one of the cars that use block V10 engine that can generate power very quickly, even at low rpm, the V8 intimidates all the users of this car.

   Dodge Viper is a car that has mastered the legendary majestic streets since 1992, and apparently will not stop there. Although in 2010, was discontinued, but towards 2013, the Viper will be ready to rumble again, again competing with other cars, especially on American-made classic car that has been very popular for centuries. 2013 Dodge Viper reportedly sell for around $ 125,000.

    Interior :
   Dodge Viper will be produced and introduced to the public in 2012. No more news about what the interior of this 2013 Viper. But, according to the interior design of the Viper, the original skin of the animal, coat the seats and steering wheels on this car, and the seats on this car, which is used like a racing car seat, making it very convenient to use.

   Exterior :
   The 2013 Viper comes with a more aggressive design, 25 times body-painted candy-apple red, to ensure the endurance of paint job while accelerating against wind resistance , yet to give the sleekness of the exterior. The traditional sport car is the main theme to the exterior, and had stepped away from the recent modern race car design. One of the main target of the 2013 Viper is to get many younger buyers through lighter and more technologically advanced components to save weight. Also, electronic stability control is slated to become standard equipment for the first time. The 2013 Viper has now improved the front-end attached to the body, making it distinctive to the previous type. The engineers passed a test to the flow and cooling system for a brand new engine. The car was placed and tested in the extreme heat of California’s Death Valley. One similar physical look of The Viper is the large and wide hood, according to the Viper snake’s physic which has wide and large head. The overall curb weight of 2013 Viper is 3190 lbs, which lighter than its competitors like Camaro ZL1 (3750 lbs) or Mustang GT (3453 lbs). The length is 184.1-in, the width is 77.9-in and the height is 46.9-in.
Exterior Features
- Alloy rims 19 x 13 in. rims.
- 18 x 10 in. front rims P345/30ZR19 tires.
- Variable intermittent wipers manual convertible roof.
- Glass rear window rear defogger.

   Engine :
   Just like the design, the engine is also up in the air. Of course, the powerful V10 powertrain producing over 600 hp will always be planted under the hood, but it’s rumored that an the Viper will turn to use a V8 engine that produces “only” 500 hp. However, it will still remain a puzzle when it comes to the installation of the engine. A 8400 cc V10 is the most possible candidate. The engine completely features output to 700 horsepower until 2018 emission regulations. So it seems that it such a right engine for the right car.
  - 8.3L displacement overhead valves (OHV).
  - V10 cylinder configuration gas engine.

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